Why is it easy for you to lie?

August 3, 2017 7:29 AM

I am all choked up trying to hide my tears from all the people around me. I can’t breath and my heart won’t stop hurting. I can remember this was exactly how it felt about 3 years ago. This all started because I found out. I found out everything I shouldn’t. The problem with him was that I gave him all the chance to tell the truth but why? why is it just so easy for him to lie? Why is it so easy to look me in the eye and say things you don’t mean? Why is it easy to push your guilty thoughts away and look at me without remorse of the things you hide from me? I can’t grasp the reason why. I can’t figure it out. What have I missed? Have I done something for me to deserve this? All these thoughts I kept brushing aside just so I could get on with my life, but deep inside, my mind screams at me. Telling me what I should have done. That I should have ended it. Yet despite all of this, I am all cropped up in my bed simply thinking. To what extent am I able to accept that no matter what I do, it is in human’s main nature to not tell the truth.



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